21 and Legal Proceed with Caution

2. “Finally 21 years old and legally able to do everything I`ve been doing since I was 16 years old.” His 21st birthday is an important milestone that most people celebrate with a bang. This birthday is the time when you can let go as an adult by drinking, dancing and having fun with friends. It`s also a good idea to go out with friends who will take care of you if you get too drunk. Let someone you trust decide to keep an eye on you and your drinks because you don`t want to leave a drink unattended and you need someone to make sure you get home safely if you intend to drink too much. You can always have fun without getting lost! 29. “Hakuna ma`vodka. — This means that there are no memories for the rest of your night. » 24. “Drinking may not be the answer, but it`s worth a try.” RELATED: 21 Important Life Lessons I Learned Before I Turned 21 CONNECTED: 21 Important Things to Remember Before Going to the Bar (for Your First Legal Drink!) When you reach the age of 21 In many societies, social (and responsible) consumption of consumption is a social tradition.

So if you reach the point where you can go out and be part of that scene, that`s a big problem. This means adulthood and that you are able to make your own decisions. 4. It`s my 21st birthday, and I can cry if I want. 17. “Another 365 days where we are fabulous. 19. “If life gives you limes, make margaritas. Jimmy Buffett It`s better not to drink yourself in a stupor that you don`t remember. This is the anniversary of many premieres and you should create memories and not forget them when they happen. Your 21st birthday is not something you will regret as long as you remember it afterwards. Everything will be fine – as long as you drink responsibly!!! 28. “You were my cup of tea, but I drink champagne now.” Don`t drink anything you leave unattended, or grab a drink from a stranger.

You can have as much fun as you like, you just have to be careful not to accidentally find yourself in a bad situation by sowing your wild oats! Nowadays, Birthday Instagram photos are the norm and you need the perfect 21st anniversary caption to accompany your post. 7. “Hakuna Moscato: This means you don`t have to worry about your 21st birthday.” 20. “Spark, spark little star. Direct me to the nearest bar.