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Consolidate your eDiscovery services and support under one roof to manage process costs while storing all case data in a secure, hosted environment. Advanced technology powered by legal management software and your dedicated support team enables faster processing, more accurate results, and lower process costs. Corporate Legal Management and eDiscovery Solutions LegalTech Solutions Increase Legal Performance and Reduce Costs ASCENT is a legal management software for businesses that helps law firms manage litigation, invoicing, document automation and more. Hosted in the cloud, the solution includes SmartView analytics dashboards that allow lawyers to visualize activity in a variety of cases and gain insights to support decision-making across the enterprise. As a pioneer in legal technology, doeLEGAL guides thousands of legal professionals through virtually every challenge imaginable. The combination of five decades of innovative legal solutions, end-to-end IP and innovation expertise, and deep knowledge of legal transactions uniquely qualifies our experts to provide you with a broader view of your business. With a trusted partner, you can deliver greater value to your business partners and customers. No matter what kind of problem you`re facing, the lawyers at Ascent Law are here to help. You can rest assured that if we work with you on a legal issue, we will personally address all your concerns. Transform a small legal department into a first-class legal department. ASCENT offers Legal Spend & Matter Management with a configurable platform All legal information in one place, accessible to all parties. A corporate legal management system automates your business and legal invoice processing with Ascent ELM.

Use the calculator to create a custom report that shows your potential savings and provides valuable insights for your business legal management system business case. First of all, the initial fee covers the implementation of all solutions. Our experts will work with your legal team and other business units involved throughout the duration of the project. Value-based billing scenarios should only be limited by your creativity, not your ELM system. The AFA Wizard™ allows teams to easily create and manage AFAs from Ascent ELM. Quickly store documents in the AFA record, work securely with external consultants and vendors, evaluate AFAs against fictitious invoices, and manage external legal fees related to AFAs, all in one place. Questel is a true provider of end-to-end INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY solutions with more than 1,500 employees providing software and services to 20,000 customers and 1.5 million users in more than 30 countries. Questel`s combined capabilities provide a comprehensive set of software and services that includes end-to-end management of all intellectual property assets and the provision of ELM, eDiscovery and business translation solutions to experts. Visit to learn more. Success in the 21st century depends on a company`s ability to develop, maintain and exploit business advantages in the marketplace. Ascentage Law has the commercial, technological and legal experience to effectively support clients in these critical activities.

I like the fact that we can keep all our legal affairs in one place and that it is easier to keep track of our affairs. If you, your company, or a family member needs the services of an experienced Utah attorney, please contact Ascent Law today. We are committed to helping you protect yourself, your family, your business, your real estate and your other assets. Corporate legal departments choose Ascent ELM to streamline legal operations, manage legal fees, and easily analyze all factual data. Ascent ELM provides visibility into all aspects of your legal operations through a fully integrated, configurable dashboard that provides information when and where you need it. All of them are supported by your dedicated team of experts in corporate legal management systems who will onboard you, train you and support you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. all at no extra cost. Ascent Law, LLC has a solid reputation for providing high quality legal services. We offer a wide range of legal services and consider ourselves a full-service law firm. We are licensed attorneys and legal counsel in the state of Utah. Questel LegalTech Solutions optimizes legal operations across the entire enterprise system. ELM experts ensure that teams have access to the information needed to effectively manage legal transactions.

We help you optimize processes through continuous evaluation of results. Due to the firm`s desire to provide cost-effective legal services, clients are advised to arrange relevant documents prior to the first meeting. Such an organization can reduce the time required and allow the firm to effectively provide its legal analysis of the client`s alternatives. You will meet with a licensed lawyer on your first visit. Display your most important information in one place, in a way that makes sense to you. SmartView analytics dashboards allow you to view all™ legal data at a glance. Quickly visualize the critical data you need with graphical views from Ascent ELM`s advanced data analytics. You can compare evidence, expenses, and law firms from the same perspective to make truly informed decisions. Minimize the size of upload files and turnaround times in data processing with knowledgeable experts. Formed by a series of acquisitions by a global minister of finance. Monday: 07:00 – 17:00Tuesday: 07:00 – 17:00Wednesday: 07:00 – 17:00Thursday: 07:00 – 17:00Friday: 07:00 – 17:00Saturday: – Sunday: -. Director of Legal Operations, Global Healthcare Leader Cyberlaw, including data security and privacy policies and procedures.

ASCENT integrates with the following applications: Microsoft Outlook. For more information about our scholarship program, click here. ASCENT has the following pricing plans:Pricing model: SubscriptionFree filing: Available ASCENT has the following typical customers:Large businesses, medium businesses, small businesses Or you can come visit us: 8833 South Redwood Road, Suite C, West Jordan, Utah 84088. An ELM system works best when it adapts to the way you work. Out-of-the-box (OTB) solutions don`t offer the unique flexibility you get from Ascent ELM`s Flex system™. Customize the system to suit your individual processes and workflows without the cost of customizing the software. You decide what is important and what Ascent ELM offers. Doe helps us build a library of topics we work on. Lawyers speak English, Spanish and American Sign Language (ASL) in our office Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your innovative ideas and technology-based business. The leading enterprise legal management solution to simplify your e-invoicing and business management while providing business information when and where you need it. Learn how intelligently deployed intelligent data can help you make the right decisions.

Hosted solutions are configured to work with your existing business processes and integrate seamlessly with other secure data flows. Legal analysis in the data age is complex. Different data and manual processes make it difficult to provide timely information. You need intelligent data: available, actionable, relevant and secure. And it needs to be delivered intelligently when and where your team needs it. The solution features available in this doeLEGAL product enable customers to work efficiently in their process to increase efficiency, reduce errors, benefit from discounts, integrate AFAs, and reduce and deploy their data to make informed decisions. Using it to enter invoices is also a very efficient process. If there are any errors, the providers will see it immediately to correct them and resubmit them. A real-time flow of all material data gives all participants unprecedented information at their fingertips.

DoeLEGAL`s customer support is top notch. They give us the feeling that each customer is their most important customer. SmartView dashboards™ provide easy-to-use graphical reports on all data collected by the system. This way, you can easily view the information and share it with your team from one place. Intelligently retrieve and manage all material data in a secure, collaborative location.