Audi Soundmodul Legal

The control modules regulate both the inner and outer tone. Both control units continuously remix the soundtrack of the Audi e-tron GT quattro depending on factors such as speed and accelerator pedal position. Adjustments to the driving situation are made in real time. Driving modes also play a role. Thanks to the standard Audi drive select1 driving dynamics system, the sound characteristics can be modulated in several stages. You have three options to choose from: efficiency, comfort and dynamism. This gives the driver hands-free to choose the soundtrack of the fully electric Gran Turismo. But is a system of its assets even legal and allowed in the StVo area? Is there an expert opinion or ABE for Active-Sound systems? The Audi e-tron GT quattro has an Acoustic Vehicle Alert System (AVAS). As an external acoustic alarm, this ensures that pedestrians in urban traffic are informed of the vehicle`s approach. However, the range of sounds generated by the Audi e-tron GT qauttro goes far beyond AVAS regulations. Vehicles equipped with a generator from its ex-factory are homologated and, therefore, the system of its asset is also legal there.

With the help of this technical tool, Halbmeir and Gsell continued to refine the frequency structure. In the end, the result was a very polished 32-tone pattern. They range from post-processed synthesizer sounds to sounds that resemble a wireless screwdriver to recordings of a helicopter model. Of course, the plastic pipe has not only been part of the repertoire, but is even incorporated as variations on a theme. “Thanks to the algorithm, which mixes and weights individual tones differently, our sound is created again and again. Despite some parallels with musical compositions, there are also differences, such as the absence of a recognizable beginning, middle, and ending,” Gsell adds. “Instead, it`s run-on audio. The Audi e-tron GT quattro must sound good in all driving situations. More than that, it has to be powerful and fascinating.

With an active audio system, on the other hand, the volume is infinitely adjustable and can also be turned off – so it`s up to everyone to decide how “legal” it is currently on the road. One way to avoid unpleasant discussions would be to simply disable the system during inspections or TÜV appointments. Not because it would be illegal in principle, but simply to avoid tedious discussions with overly critical reviewers. When turned off, the system is usually not recognizable at all due to the hidden installation inside. When upgrading an Active-Sound system, an ABE or expert opinion must be available – or an individual acceptance must be made by registration with the TÜV. More details: Active-Sound Systems and TÜV: Legal or illegal? A sound module is prohibited without the approval of the TÜV and is therefore not allowed. However, with a recording by the TÜV, the use of a sound module is legal. However, it looks different if the system (sound module and sound actuator) is installed in the car (e.g. in the trunk). If you have any questions about this, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you. Today, both are responsible for giving Audi e-tron models their sound signature.

Not only the legal requirements must be taken into account, but also the uniqueness of each car. This is not an easy task. Rudolf Halbmeir says: “Meeting so many requirements is a difficult balancing act. Of course, it is important that the sound is pleasant for the ear. Because even the coolest options may not be suitable for every vehicle. In the search for the ideal Audi audio, inspiration can come from anywhere and from anywhere. During a TÜV demonstration of the Active-Sound System, it was stated that you can enter the system without any problems, but it is actually not necessary and you can save money. In case of a problem, please contact: In case of a problem, please contact: Of course, you can bring the argument here: the car`s hi-fi system only broadcasts the sound in the vehicle and not specifically outside.

That`s right. But what about the convertible? Are there any special requirements that a convertible may not have a noisy hi-fi system or can only operate with a soft top closed? Or should the windows of each car be closed when loud music is heard? No, there is not. “The sound of a car sounds a lot like music. With a musical theme, he needs a kind of hook – a catchy and instantly recognizable melody. In my search for the signature sound of the Audi e-tron GT quattro model, I left nothing to chance, trying everything from the violin to the electric guitar to the Australian didgeridoo. But none of this seemed right. So I started experimenting with everyday objects and finally got what I was looking for. I put a fan in front of the opening at one end of a cylindrical object and listened to what came out of it at the other end. It was a very special and deep beat. I knew instantly that I had my basic grade,” Halbmeir recalls. Active-Sound Systeme zum Nachrüsten gibt es für nahezu jedes Fahrzeug und jedes Modell. Zum Beispiel als Active-Sound System für BMW oder als Active-Sound für Mercedes.

Thanks to the Sound Booster app, there are now these additional features: (3) Motor vehicles that carry beacons for blue flashing lights on the basis of § 52 paragraph 3 must be equipped with at least one warning device with a sequence of sounds of different fundamental frequency (emergency horn). If more than one horn is installed, it must be ensured that only one can be operated at a time. The outside sound is emitted by a speaker at the front of the vehicle. The standard audio package of the Audi RS e-tron GT also includes another speaker on the rear and two inside in the rear doors. Rudolf Halbmeir describes the sound of Gran Turismo as follows: “We have deliberately avoided imitating combustion engines and spaceships in science fiction films. Instead, the Audi e-tron GT quattro has a sporty, full-bodied rumble that exudes superior quality. All this makes it absolutely unmistakable. It`s an amalgam of familiar sound patterns and new futuristic elements. A sound module in combination with a sound actuator gives every car a powerful exhaust sound. So you can, if you wish, have sparkling V8 sound without having to own that {a big engine and an expensive valve exhaust system}. If you are not satisfied with the sound of the engine of your Audi A7, you could be our complete Active Sound set for V8 sound upgrade.