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Axiom will coordinate time with you and the lawyer to have a conversation. Please accept the invitation to this discussion and follow these guidelines on what should and should not be shared during the conversation. Provide additional details and colour comments on the application you submitted using the “Let`s Talk” form in Step 2. Ask any other questions you have about the lawyer`s relevant work experience or other aspects of the lawyer`s profile that you would like to better understand. In addition, if you select lawyers to display the banner “Book Direct & Save 20%”, you will have the opportunity to work directly with these lawyers at a reduced price for a limited time due to the new availability in their schedules. Axiom`s new online talent search tool helps you find the talent you need when you need it, without breaking your budget. Because you can match the right talent to the right legal questions at the right time, which increases your agility. Whether you need expertise in intellectual property or contract law, Axiom`s lawyers work in many areas of expertise and can help your business with a variety of requirements. PLEASE NOTE that Axiom only works with companies that have in-house legal counsel.

Our lawyers do not deal with personal legal matters. “We were able to do more as a department, save more than $400,000 on our legal fees, and remain flexible as our needs evolved.” There are business lawyers and lawyers who specialize in the following areas of activity: With the Axiom Online Legal Talent Finder, it`s easy to find a business lawyer in your area. Search for lawyers and filter your search by location, field of activity, industry, experience and availability. Click on a lawyer you may be interested in to learn more. Once you`ve found a lawyer you`re interested in, click the “Let`s Talk” button in the lawyer`s profile. Ask for a conversation directly with the lawyer or indicate if you prefer to talk to an Axiom representative about your needs. Explore our network to find the right legal talent with the right level of experience and the most relevant expertise. With over twenty years of experience in the financial services and life sciences industries, Essence McGill Arzu, a long-time Axiom lawyer, brings commitment, empathy and advanced legal skills to her Axiom clients. Click on each lawyer you want to work with to learn more about their work experience, education, certifications and awards, as well as other relevant backgrounds. Because you can derive more value from every budgeted dollar without sacrificing legal outcomes. Find the right legal talent. Get more control over your career.

The axiom network of on-demand legal talent includes more than 6,900 lawyers worldwide. Our experienced and high-caliber legal talents are currently available in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Hong Kong, Germany and Switzerland. “I never thought that external suppliers could work with us so efficiently and transparently and be part of the legal team. Because you can access the world`s most experienced and specialized legal talent and let them work with you on-site or online as part of your in-house team. Our network of lawyers is ready to provide on-demand legal assistance for any complex legal issue. Refine your search by choosing the area of expertise, country, industry, years of experience, place of admission to the Bar and the degree of availability you are looking for from the nearest lawyer. Our audit solution includes an appropriate and customary review, fee schedule analysis, and negotiations with experts. Tell us a bit about your project in the submission form.

Additional information about the type of work, special qualifications you need, an estimated start date and duration will help us serve you better. Please let us know the following details and click “Send”. Let our innovative talent acquisition strategies work for you. Do not share confidential information at this time, as it would not yet be protected by solicitor-client privilege. This information may be shared at a later stage of the process. With a turnaround time of less than 48 hours, our independent audit of invoices line by line generates optimal cost savings and ensures regulatory compliance for our customers. Axiom billing contracts are designed to provide both value and expense predictability to our customers. Axiom pricing is based on a fixed hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis that provides cost certainty to our customers. The price depends on the lawyer`s rates and the number of days or hours per week the lawyer works on.