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You can write to us at a) Navigation: Easy navigation on the bank`s website is free and does not require prior registration on the part of the user. The BHD Group, founded on March 9, 1982, is one of the most important consortia of companies in the country, represented by the traditional families of the Dominican Republic. Organized under Dominican law, its purpose is to promote, develop and participate in the capital of several banks, insurance companies, asset management and other types of commercial and industrial enterprises. SSL protocol encryption 128-bit Secure server This technology makes it possible to encrypt the data entered on the screen that travels the network by an algorithm with variable keys in each connection. These keys are actually the essential part of what constitutes the security of a “secure server”. Usually, these keys have a maximum length of 40 bits, but banks can use keys with a length of 128 bits. To supposedly “decrypt” these keys, it would take several computers with great performance that work together for a significant number of days. In 2003, it acquired the 5th private bank in the country and Banco León was born. Legálitas is a digital legal services company, the first of its kind in the Dominican Republic. Integuer is a company that develops and offers software solutions.

Both specialise in the SME market. In line with its vision of the future and its leadership in the introduction of good banking practices, Banco BHD, S.A. – Banco Múltiple, currently Banco Múltiple BHD León, S. A., in 2001 the international consulting firm McKinsey & Company with the design of a corporate governance system in line with international best practices in this field, which began at the 2002 Annual General Meeting with implementation. Subsequently, this model has been revised several times to adapt it to the new advances and regulations of the Monetary Committee and the General Law of Companies and Individual Limited Liability Companies No. 479-08, as well as its amendments, with the aim of placing the company in a leading position in terms of corporate governance and transparency in the Dominican Republic. This has led to the achievement of various achievements, among which we can mention the following: The Higher Credit Committee is responsible for evaluating the credits according to the delegated limits and giving the green light to the credits that are presented to the Board of Directors. 3. When you connect to the online banking systems of banco Múltiple BHD, S.A., you will see the day and time of your previous connection. Check if this was really the case.

This feature allows you to verify that only you know your security keys and therefore that only you access the service. The User`s consent to the processing and assignment indicated in the two previous sections is voluntary and, in accordance with the provisions of the regulations in force from time to time on the protection of the User of Financial Services, may revoke the authorization granted herein for the processing or transmission of personal data. This committee is composed of: Luís Eugenio Molina Achécar, President; Carlos Guillermo León Nouel, member; Jaime Francisco sued Pichardo, a member; José Rafael Clase Martínez, Member; Iván Oscar Pagan Mejía, member; José Antonio Caro Ginebra, Member; Andrés Maldonado Franco, Member; and Ignacio Aldonza Goicoechea, member. Guests: Rubén Gross and Nuria Alino. Luis Fernando Castro Ávila, counterpart. Finally, the user is informed that the Bank`s web pages may facilitate access through links to various websites corresponding to companies, companies, institutions or organizations outside the Bank. The Bank is not responsible for the recording of personal data by the User on these websites. Mobile Banking is the mobile banking service that allows you to verify your accounts, pay your cards, make transfers and other transactions quickly and securely 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It also allows you to view the map of branches, ATMs and sub-agents. This committee is composed of: Fabian Diego Mendy Márquez, President; Carlos Guillermo León Nouel, member; Manuel Ángel Pérez Vásquez, member; Maritza Ortíz-Diez, Member. Guests: President, Executive Chairman, Executive Chairman of the Centro Financiero BHD León, Insurance and Pensions Division, Executive Vice-President Administration and Finance and Executive Vice-President of the Legal Council. Michelle Cruz Rodríguez, counterpart. The audit committee is responsible for ensuring that audit and control procedures are sufficient and appropriate for the Bank`s business activities; ensure that the proposal for the selection, recruitment, reinstatement or replacement of external auditors and the appointment of the Vice-President responsible for internal audit are carried out in accordance with transparent and objective criteria; and, in general, to ensure that the Bank`s information is reliable and consistent with the principle of transparency and reporting of conflicts of interest and related party transactions. Submit your product requests, inform your cards used abroad and locate our network of branches and ATMs via your Facebook Messenger and Skype account. IFC has been a partner of BHD León Financial Center since 2003, when it made its first investment in the secondary capital of Banco BHD León. In April 2008, as a shareholder of BHD León Financial Center, he signed a new investment agreement and acquired a 9% stake. The Global Risk Management Committee has the overall authority to ensure that risk management is consistent with the Bank`s objectives and strategies. Banco Múltiple BHD, S.A. reserves the right to modify, restrict or cancel access to and content of the Website at the time it deems appropriate, without assuming responsibility for updating the information contained on the Website.

The trade name “Banco Múltiple BHD”, the trademark “Banco BHD”, its emblems, signs and all types of logos, as well as the domain “”, are the registered property of Banco Múltiple BHD, S.A., so that users may not use any of their distinctive signs without the prior written consent of Banco Múltiple BHD. S.A. Contact us and use our self-service menu by calling the contact center at 809-243-5000. From the United States for free at 1-866-898-3300. 1. The access code that you enter into the online banking systems of Banco Múltiple BHD, S.A. must pass a number of checks: a maximum number of errors per day or several days will result in the automatic cancellation of the access code. In this case, in order to reactivate it, you must request it in writing or in person at your office at Banco Múltiple BHD, S.A.

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