Bath and Body Works Covid Rules

But it`s the same with my work. Luckily, I don`t live in Texas. But the management of my store is terrible. People walk around without masks and no one says anything. We used to have reception officers at the front door to make sure people wore masks and disinfected carts – they eliminated that position when the pandemic was at its worst. Employees are testing positive for Covid and NO ONE is informed, even people they worked with closely the same day or the day before. And we never had ANY danger money or a bonus. Nothing is cleaned unless some employees choose to do so. Although cash registers and bulletin boards and customer service return counters are supposed to be disinfected between each customer, I only see two or three colleagues disinfecting when everyone doesn`t care, and again, management says nothing. I was actively looking for another job because at this point I`m not sure what more I can handle. I loved bathing and working on the body. I have a collection of products that I have debated the publication of on several occasions.

I always buy our new products and I firmly believe in what I sell. I shopped for years and worked here for years, I had nothing but love and joy for this company. But the pandemic has really changed the way I think about them, and I no longer feel safe working or supporting them there. Before I begin, I want to make it clear that I am not ashamed of anyone for buying or continuing to support the bath and bodywork. It`s your choice and I`m not here to blame anyone or convince anyone to stop supporting them. However, as a dedicated consumer of bathrooms, bodywork, and other brands, I`m a person who enjoys buying things from companies I believe in or trust. I wish I could evaluate that a hundred times. I also work at BBW in a Midwestern state that is pretty bad with covid. Businesses need to better protect their customers and employees. I like working there, I love my colleagues, but it`s bad. I`m sure everyone has heard about the requirement to lift the mask in Texas. Now my shop was terrible about masks from the beginning.

At the door, we offer disinfectants and should distribute masks to anyone who does not have one. At the time of store opening, I was working at another large retail company alongside bathroom and body work, and there was such a distinct separation from the application of employee and customer safety. While my second job in retail was strictly about enforcing customers with a mask (no, you`re not exempt, put on the free mask we provide), my bathroom and body shop didn`t care. Before I continue, I am aware that this could be a bad management problem. However, we had occasional visits from our district manager who checked us out and watched people not wear masks, she never said anything about masks until it was applied. Despite the fact that a rude client would invade my bladder without a mask, I am expected not to force them to wear a mask or refuse service. Even I, who was constantly taking a step back from them, was considered “rude” by my manager. If my other retail job in the same mall had no problem forcing customers to wear masks, why was it so difficult for a store with more than enough staff and resources? As someone working in a BBW in another severe COVID (California) state, I agree, while my company and managers are very strict about how many people wear masks and disinfect everyone at the door. At this point, it is the people we clean what we see that you catch, but people constantly take their masks and get angry with us when we tell them to put them on, sometimes violently, BBW also employs a lot of young girls, most are 18 years old and in school adults are not afraid of them and they are really rude. After you shout to the 40th person in a day that you had to wear a mask, it becomes exhausting and they are still very cute in the crib.

At this point, most will stay six feet away from you, we wash our hands, we keep our masks on. We would like you to follow the rules, but it`s the people and the company, my managers are so worried about the sale that they won`t let us kick us out. It`s exhausting. We have had a few cases where employees have had to adjust to potential exposure outside the workplace. But this will be the case wherever you work. I am very grateful that my manager and district director are taking Covid protocols seriously. I can`t talk about the “in-store pickup” option because my store doesn`t. And it`s not just my business or yours. All my friends who work in similar environments tell me the same thing. The bottom line is that retailers don`t give two on Covid safety.

All they are interested in is keeping customers in the store so that they can buy things and the company makes money. For everyone else I know love the store but supported the staff despite everything, thank you for taking care of our safety and also yourself! I remember customers bluntly saying that it was not safe to make purchases and that our managers had to do more, or customers who were stunned on the phone that we did not have more available. This post was never meant to shame anyone or convince anyone to stop supporting it, but just wanted to pull the curtains on everything that happened to my less than acceptable experience. I hope everyone can stay safe 💕 If one of the brands I often shop with treated their employees like this, I`d like to know – and decide if they still deserve my support and money. I`m just talking about my experience as an employee in Texas and I don`t want to imply that my experience is the same for every employee and/or company. After that, it`s absolutely absurd that Bath and Body didn`t do more for their online shopping and pickup program. There was no excuse. We could have limited the number of employees in the stores and at the same time offered more job opportunities to employees who could only work on pickup orders. Only one store in my neighborhood offered pickup, and that was one store that was included in a mall. That is to limit exposure, is it not? Not to mention (which was already covered at the end of last year) pure sales in the store. Should I even mention that my company didn`t care about keeping the number of people in the store? Our in-store limit for anonymous reasons, which I would say, was between 25 and 35.

Our personal store tracker has already caught more than 60 people in the store. Your answer? Nothing. But despite all these precautions, the company decided to give up the table being 6 feet apart and put the store as it was before Covid, and I feel so claustrophobic all the time. It seems so tight now that it`s almost impossible to maintain social distancing, and we passed it on to our manager and he mentioned it to the deputy minister and she came and basically said it was the new policy that was extremely intimidating, especially since they claim to care about our safety. The company states that customers can return “anything, at any time and for any reason” to their namesake or white barn store banners and receive a full refund, but the products are subject to the terms of its return policy. I`m sure you can tell yourself where it`s going. I`m expected to interact with customers and not avoid them, so that it can “hurt their feelings,” because it can. That is what I should be worried about. A selfish person who could infect me and my grandparents should not hurt their feelings. Finding the right candle and spending their money puts my safety first. I hope this helps you feel better when you know that there are companies that take it seriously and operate safely.

I always feel completely safe at work thanks to the protocols we follow. Sorry for the long answer, but I just wanted to assure you that some places take it seriously as they can. A widely known aspect of the company`s previous return policy has been the ability for customers to return products that have been used primarily or in full. However, in its updated policy, the Company will not allow the return or exchange of products with excessive wear. Whether a product has excessive wear or is used new or mild “is determined by Bath & Body Works and White Barn in their sole discretion,” the company said. I am sorry that this is happening to you; I hope you will soon be able to get your grandparents vaccinated! Secondly, our payment. I`m not sure anyone discussed it on the submarine, but the staff received a $1 raise for the vacation/pandemic.